One way to get clients is to offer a no-win-no-fee charging plan. Small businesses are suckers for the “no risk” proposition. Have enough of those clients on your books and you’ll probably sell the occasional business to land yourself a percentage of the sale price.

Yes, an accountant can run a slide rule over the past and come up with a figure based on turnover or profit, but what a broker often sells is potential. Once you’re all set up as a broker, we’ll provide you with a training session on our software and systems. You’ll have immediate access to over 150 live rates, and a live stream of updates and notifications from energy suppliers. How much how to start a broker business training you need will depend on your previous experience – there’s no one size fits all and we want to make sure you have everything you need to start up your company. If you plan to employ other people, or you’re forecasting a high turnover, you may prefer to set up your own limited company. It’s definitely a good idea to use a professional accountant if this is the route you go down.

Will 2020 be good for selling your business?

Before you start comparing business broker franchises and submitting queries or requesting meetings, our 10-step guide to buying a franchise is worth a read. 2016 was another good year for Hornblower and the M&A market in general. We have been busy especially during December and January so far reaching heads of terms on four of our sale mandates. The number of business owners deciding to sell has remained steady, but at the same time there is an increasing number… Rather a dry topic, but nonetheless an important one for business owners considering the sale of their business. In considering the net value you will receive for your business, you will need to consider the taxes due on completing a sale.

  • Another question we are often asked by business owners considering a sale of their business is, do I inform the staff about the sale?
  • There is an enormous amount of flexibility and you can work at your own pace.
  • The good news is that any business that has opportunities or makes money will sell, providing you the owner are realistic.
  • Turner Butler says the real industry conversion rate of businesses being sold is 12pc.
  • Turner Butler has over 30 years experience in selling businesses.

Worrisome exposure to business risks often aggravated by personal guarantee loans. Search 100s of UK franchises and become your own boss today. Franchise news, advice and new opportunities delivered weekly. The information you submit via our enquiry form is shared only with the franchise business that you have selected.

Business advice

In meeting and talking with business owners, we often come up against certain preconceptions about the process of selling a business. We wrote about some in a recent article you can find here, but it turns out there are enough for a second article! It’s important for us to make sure that any successful business… Most business owners have a figure in their mind about how much their business is worth when the time comes to sell their company. Did you know that the value that you achieve will largely be determined by the type of deal you agree with the buyer?

Become a Business Broker

Even if you’re at the selling businesses end of the brokerage, it’s very heavily commission oriented. The bad news is that very few business brokers are looking to hire people who can sell businesses. According to ONS, the average salary of a broker in the UK is £41,759 per year. Junior brokers with minimal experience earn as low as £38,117 annually, while experienced brokers take home over £47,291 per year. Senior brokers receive better compensation packages and extra benefits. Aside from the base salary, brokers often receive commissions from successful sales and purchases.

Do I sell my company now, in 2021, or build it for 2 years more?

Training and support should be central pillars of your due diligence. It’s worth enquiring about the longevity of franchisees too. Business Partnership claims that 60% of current regional partners have traded for longer than five years, with many in their third or fourth terms. Many business owners expect that when they reach a certain age, they can simply sell up and retire. But a recent study by business adviser BDO found that 15% of SME directors in the UK are over the age of 66 –… It is important to remember that the true value of a business is where the balance is struck between what a buyer will pay for it versus what a seller is prepared to sell it for.

Become a Business Broker

Types of Buyer High net worth investors with industry experience These buyers are often business owners in their 50s and 60s who have recently sold businesses for substantial amounts. Left with time on their hands, they are typically not people who want to retire early. They are therefore looking for a smaller business in… In an acquisition, one of the most valuable and important assets you’re buying is the people.

Why would you sell your business?

You should be able to gain a basic understanding of a company’s stature and situation through reading their accounts. You certainly do not need to be some maths whizz analyst who can make insightful valuations through formulas stored internally in their head. Many people believe that you must be a Lord Sugar-esque salesman with an accountancy qualification and a specialisation to be a business broker. As long as you are willing to learn, passionate about business and want to get results for your client, a business broker franchise could be perfect for you.